MAHA Urges Leading Banks to Stop Financing Coal

May 15, 2020Filed under Climate Change

Coal generation contributes to both air pollution and climate change, resulting in direct and indirect impacts on public health. Medical Advocates for Healthy Air is calling on major financers of the U.S. coal industry to re-direct their energy lending to clean, renewable sources. A letter tailored to Bank of America, PNC Bank, Citibank, Morgan Stanley and UBS is currently being circulated throughout NC’s medical and health communities.  The amounts next to each institution below notes their investment in the U.S. coal industry during 2009-2010 (source: Bloomberg League Tables):

  • Bank of America – $4.3 billion
  • PNC – $3 billion
  • Citi – $2.8 billion
  • Morgan Stanley – $1.5 billion
  • UBS – $1.4 billion

If you are a medical or health professional, please add your name to the letter here. Clean Air Carolina Director, June Blotnick, spoke at the Bank of America shareholder meeting in Charlotte on May 8, 2013. Read her remarks and those of others on the health impacts of burning coal: