Timeshare resorts lower carbon footprint

A new initiative co-sponsored by MAHA and the America Resort Developers Association was announced to help reduce emissions as it relates to vacationing in timeshare resorts.

The first part of the program relates to lowering the carbon footprint of the timeshare resorts themselves by employing alternative energy sources including solar and wind power. A related benefit is the use of bio-degradable soaps in the timeshare resorts laundry facilities.

The second half of the program includes benefits to timeshare resort guests who arrive in energy efficient vehicles. These vehicles include electric and hybrid benefits. Benefits for the guest who energy efficient vehicles include premium parking spaces, free charging for electric vehicles as well as discounts at the resort. The program has been well received by the North Carolina Timeshare Resort Developers Association (NCTRDA) who agrees that sustainability and lowering emissions as well as reducing the carbon footprint of timeshare resorts is key to their survival.

In order to track which type of vehicles are being used by visiting resort guest the North Carolina Timeshare Resort Developers Association recommends the use of timeshare software that can keep track of this and award credits for guests who comply with the new program. The program is voluntary.